5Top 3 Mistakes that Lead to Blocked Drains in Horsham

In the beautiful market town of Horsham, blocked drains blocked drains horsham can quickly become a major problem. Nobody enjoys dealing with them. Drain blockages can cause significant inconvenience, disrupt your daily routine, and result in expensive repairs if not addressed promptly. Here, we take a look at the top three mistakes that lead to blocked drains in Horsham.

1. Incorrect Disposal of Grease and Fat

One common mistake that leads to blocked drains is the improper disposal of cooking grease and fat. Once these substances cool down, they solidify and can fasten onto the walls of your pipes, narrowing them over time. This hindrance causes water flow to slow down, which can eventually lead to a full-blown blockage.

Residents frequently make the mistake of pouring cooking grease and fat directly down the sink after cooking. Instead, it is advisable to let them cool down and solidify, after which you can scrape them off into a disposable container and dispose of them as regular waste. Alternatively, you can mix the grease or fats with an absorbent substance like cat litter or coffee grounds before disposal to prevent them from clogging your pipes.

2. Flushing Non-Flushable Items

Another major cause of blocked drains in Horsham is the flushing of non-flushable items down the toilet. Toilet paper is designed to disintegrate in water, thus allowing it to pass smoothly through the drainage system. However, other products such as baby wipes, sanitary products, and paper towels are not made to disintegrate and can easily clog pipes.

Even items labelled as ‘flushable’ such as certain types of wet wipes can cause problems, as they take a longer time to break down compared to toilet paper. The rule of thumb should always be, if it’s not toilet paper, it doesn’t belong in the toilet.

3. Plant Root Infiltration

Horsham, being an area with a fair share of greenery, has its unique drainage challenges. One such issue is the infiltration of plant roots into the drainage system. Tree roots naturally seek out sources of water, and pipes with even the smallest leak can attract them. Over time, these roots can grow and expand, leading to severe blockage.

Preventing root infiltration can be challenging, especially with established trees. Regular drain maintenance and inspections can help identify any root ingress early on, making the problem easier and less costly to deal with.

Avoiding these three common mistakes can significantly reduce the likelihood of experiencing blocked drains in Horsham. However, if you find yourself dealing with persistent drain blockages, it might be best to seek a professional for comprehensive drain cleaning and maintenance to ensure your pipelines remain in perfect condition. Remember, prevention is always better (and cheaper) than cure!