Lifesaving Tips for Preventing Blocked Drains in Kingston

Nobody likes dealing with blocked drains. They can lead to flooding, foul smells, and damage to your plumbing system. For people living in Kingston, having tampered with blocked drains can become a common issue that people would rather avoid. Being mindful of our behaviours and habits can significantly contribute to preventing blocked drains. Here are some lifesaving tips to keep your drains flowing smoothly and efficiently.

1. Be Mindful of What You Pour Down The Sink

The most common cause of blocked drains is the type of waste we dispose of down our sink pipes. Avoid disposing of fats, oils, and greases in your kitchen sink. They cool down and solidify, leading to a build-up that gradually blocks the flow of water. Instead, keep a separate discarding container for fats, oils, and unwanted cooking leftovers.

2. Dietary Fiber is Not for Drains

Beware of high fiber food remains. Foods like celery, corn, potatoes, rice, pasta and coffee grounds, when washed down the drain, swell, clump together, and cause blockages. Compost these items or trash them in your bin.

3. Keep Your Drains Fresh

Consider using natural methods or drain cleaners to maintain a clean drain free of build-up. Baking soda and vinegar form a powerful combination for this purpose. This action should be carried out at least once a month to tackle any unwanted accumulation potentially leading to a blockage. blocked drains kingston

4. Trash the Tissues

Bathroom tissues and wipes, even ones labelled as flushable, are notorious for causing blockages in the plumbing system. More so, the use of thick toilet paper increases the chance of clogging. Consider switching to a thinner brand or ensuring a minimal use when flushing it.

5. Introduce Strainers

Make use of drain strainers for your sinks and shower drains to catch hair, soap pieces, food residue, and other materials that might block your drains. Remember to clean these strainers frequently to allow a smooth water flow.

6. Regularly Check Your Plant Roots

Tree and plant roots can grow and intrude into your pipelines, especially if they are weak, cracked or old. These roots can cause significant damage and blockage if not addressed in time. Therefore, it is prudent to have periodic checks, particularly for properties with a garden or backyard near the drainage system.

7. Maintenance Check by Professionals

Having your drain pipes checked regularly by professionals can be a valuable investment. Professional plumbers in Kingston have expertise in drain cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, they usually have the right tools and chemicals to remove solid build-ups in your pipes. Scheduling a preventive maintenance check can save you both time and money involved in severe blocked drain issues.

To wrap up, observation, regular checks, and proper waste disposal can help avoid blocked drains. These simple, practical tips should guide you to maintain an efficient and undisturbed water flow in your pipes. Remember, the key is prevention rather than cure; keeping your pipes clean and free of blockages is always less hassle than fixing a blocked pipe. Live comfortably in Kingston without the worries of blocked drains.